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Nadir Khan

Sometimes I feel weird because my fav les mis character is Valjean and not any of the young dudes.

Anyway, finished Nadir’s section of Phantom. Hmm I feel like Kay neutered the Persian’s personality? In Leroux, I always got the feeling the daroga was the anchor in his relationship with Erik. But here, I think Kerik came off as too strong/stubborn so the only way for him to accept Nadir was if the guy acted more submissive.

It makes sense in context and Nadir does become the authority soon. Basically, the Persia section didn’t hit me as hard as the first 3 secs, until Reza died (OMG). Then the end, and Nadir and Erik are all “aren’t we… friends? Yes. Yes we are.”

FEELS! And everything came together again.

If I didn’t know Kay was an EC shipper, I would think Nadir was the love interest lol. He does spend all these paragraphs describing how sexy Erik is (kind of like what he did in the original novel…). That and I don’t think Nadir has any other friends (or if he did, he certainly didn’t give them half as much attention as he did Erik).

Basically, I liked Nadir. I always thought the daroga would be a tragic character anyway, so his backstory works. tbh, even when I read fics, I can’t see the persian with any other name but Nadir.